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Restaurant Solutions Supports your Business with more Services for your Kitchen needs

Technical Information RSPR
Provides complete Technical information 24-7 about equipment parts on our website If you can’t locate a part on our website, call or e mail us at at any time for more information and receive free technical advice for your required part.

Technical Support
We have Technical Support readily available, through Professional Technicians across the island; contact us via phone or e mail for all your commercial kitchen needs.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Overhauling
RSPR can fix and overhaul your old and broken kitchen equipment, just call us for a free estimate and the best technical advice , we will work with you.

E mail and Phones available 24
Our e-mail’s are: , , Call Phones: 787-226-6425 , 787-587-5772

Extended working hours and Emergency calls.
Operating Hours: 7:30 Am to 5:00 Pm Monday to Saturday
Emergency Service includes all week after working hours including Sundays and holidays.